Wednesday, March 23, 2005

24 Talk: Chloe, we would be lost without you.

Oh, oh, it brought a tear to the eye to see Chloe back. AND we got to see where Chloe lives, it was like my fantasy episode! (Actually, my fantasy episode would involve Chloe, Kim, Mandy, Jane Saunders, Bridget, myself, and a hot tub.

But oh lets bask in the greatness that is Chloe. You can tell she was commited to her job, after all she must only live 5 minutes or so away from CTU! ; )

Other than my queen returning to her throne, it was a pretty damn good episode. I'm loving the ending with Dina and Jack. The real question now is.....Is Dina dead. I'm thinking that somehow it could all be one big setup. But thats just me.

I guess by now everyone realizes that Audrey is going to go back to Paul (if he survives) which will once again leave Jack with a broken heart. (DON'T YOU DARE TRY AND TAKE MY CHLOE YOU BASTARD, I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU WITH A RATHER LARGE STICK)

Well thats my rant.

Coleman, Out.

Friday, March 18, 2005

24 News: No such thing as bad press

24 has certainly been in the news lately with all the torture and muslim terrorists and such. Here are some links to articles:

A negative view on 24 courtesy of the SF Chronicle: Link!

THAT torture issue from Zap2it: More Links!

and finally, a rundown of classic '24' moments: You know what to do!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

24 News: A New Comic.

Well, I said I was gonna update this blog with some 24 news every now and then, so here it is.

The next 24 'One Shot' comic will be released in June, and it is called 24: Midnight Sun.
Heres a little synopsis:
24, the award-winning TV series from Fox, returns in this special one-shot from J. C. Vaughn and Mark L. Haynes, the writers of IDW's 24: One Shot and 24 Stories. Jack Bauer must battle ecological and economic chaos when a terrorist attack on an experimental oil drilling installation reveals a plot to render the United States' subterranean oil fields permanently useless.

You can preorder as I have done over at amazon Linky

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Woah, months are quick

I just realised I havn't posted in like a whole month! Crazy!

So the quest continues, it looks like it will be December 2006 when it all comes together, so thats something to look forward to!

Starting Monday, I will be updating this blog with all the news for '24'

See you!