Wednesday, April 27, 2005

24 News:I got my baby back

Well I know I'm like 2 days late in posting this, but I'm a busy lad, so here we go anyways.

It has been reported over at that we have a signed a regular for next season, and that regular is mi amor Chloe!

I'm still not keen on Season 5, but at least we shall have Chloe to google at.

So that last episode was pretty cool, although I'm fucking sick of Marwan always getting away!!
Chloe with a gun was just brilliant, and the screams Chloe was making were hilarious!.

Short post, but I'm short on time, so I'm out.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

24 Talk: Season 5, a rant.

Ok, now that Season 5 is pretty much confirmed, I have a bone to pick!

I think that Jack Bauer has had enough bad days, lets shift the focus away from him please.
I would LOVE it if we started with a different place, not a CTU of any kind, but maybe a police kind of setting where they have 24 hours to track down a killer, then half way through the season, have them realize that it all ties into a terrorist plot, THEN bring CTU into it.
Speaking of that, they could say, 14 episodes in, have the branch of CTU bring in a specialist, and have it revealed to then be Jack Bauer, it would make the season a LOT more interesting and different.
I'm thinking of a New York setting or something.

Even if this doesn't happen, (which it won't) lets have a direct to dvd spin off of something similar please?

End rant.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

24 Talk: Bang bang, you shot me down...

Or did he?

So last nights episode was ok, I don't think it was exactly the 'big twist' everybody was wanting/expecting, but it still was pretty cool. I loved the little bit where it showed Keeler looking very stern when the explosion took place outside the plane.

Paul is paralyzed now huh? So I guess that means Audrey will be looking after him. I expect a climactic moment in episode 23 or 24 where Audrey is forced to choose between Jack and Paul.

This episode it seemed as if Chloe cranked the awkwardness up one notch, I cringed when she said "It means you will have to have the funeral without the body.........of your mother." Well duh.

Next week we see the return of a personal favourite of mine, Mr. Mike Novick, the son of a bitch who betrayed Palmer in Season 2 (mind you, I think the only person that DIDN'T betray Palmer in Season 2 was Lynne).
That reminds me, I would love to see Lynne back in some capacity, whether it be as an aide to Palmer, or something better. However, something tells me she is dead.

- Out

Sunday, April 03, 2005

24 Talk: Seasonal Changes

Does anybody else feeling this season is lacking something? I mean seriously, Day 1 had me captivated, Day 2 had me on the edge of my seat, Day 3 had me doing another cliche, but Day 4 has me pretty well...bored.

Mabye its because we have come to expect the unexpected on these things, mabye its all these new faces, but something has got me bored. There has only been one episode this season when I was hanging on every word, and that was episode 13. Can't do much wrong with that episode, but the rest have been crap.

Give me my Day 3 any day.