Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where the fuck was my silent clock? Part II

What a finale.
Why oh why did Fox order 2 more seasons when they could let it end like that? It's been a shit season, but the finale was right up there with Chappelles execution and the Season 3 finale as the best episode ever.

HOWEVER. Who decided that there should be a ticking clock at the end?!? Surely the death of the person known as Jack Bauer deserves a silent clock! There hasn't been one all season.

You have done us a great injustice (is that even a word?)

Never thought I would say this, but poor Audrey!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

24 Talk: RPG's are fun.

Well, here is a shameless plug if I ever saw one!!
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

24 Talk: Where the fuck was my silent clock!?

Well!??! Fox, you have a LOT of explaining to do!!

You give us one of the most powerful scenes EVER and you finish with Jack looking solemn, and a god damn TICKING CLOCK!?
You better fix that on the dvd's or there shall be hell to pay!
I've already edited my copy to have a silent clock and it's much better.

Well thats my one annoyance out of the way. Other than that, it was a pretty great episode, especially Chloes 'freaking out' comments. God I love that girl!

Next week holds a big surprise at the end (yeah, I look at the spoilers, so sue me) but I'm wondering how the rest of the season is gonna play out after next episode, it's gonna be a tough one.

Great to see Palmer roar back into action without hesitation, and thank god for Aaron Peirce, hes a great man.

Well thats me for another week, adios.