Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A life/site update

Hey all.
I've been pretty busy these last few months, but is coming along, I keep designing the layout and changing my mind, typical. All I know is that the site is gonna be in black and white (except for the gallery obviously) and thats about it.

My quest to meet Mary Lynn is going to be a longer one now. I am moving to Portland in March next year, and I will be living with my wife. Yup, I'm getting married, and so perhaps the address of this blog is a tad inappropriate now, but to hell with it!

Anyways, thats a little update, and I shall continue to work!

Posts from Pheon: DVD News II & More!

We got a picture of the box Art!!

Not to mention that there are also making a book Series based on the show called 24: Declassified!

The first comes out next Tuesday, known as Operation Hell Gate. November will show the release of Veto Power, followed by January's Trojan Horse. After that, we'll see Cat's Claw . . . no word on THAT release. These books I believe should be somewhat canon like all the other Inbetweenquels, but beware of POSSIBLE contradictories that we saw in the Subcommittee book (Jack's six men's name . . . No "Saunders" . . . Chappelle having Children, but no brother)

They are written so far by Marc Cerasini & John Whitman . . . but new authors could be added.

I am also unsure as to WHERE they take place in the series history. If anyone knows, let me know!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Posts from Pheon: Day IV DVD News!

Word has come in about the Day IV DVD for all Region I fans! Apparently this season is LOADED - I repeat - LOADED with Extras. We even have a music video this time!

The complete list includes 12 commentaries, 6 more than usual, 34 Deleted Scenes, 3 Featurettes, the Day V Prequel, the Day V Trailer, The Director's Cut of the Day IV Promo, and the entire Mobile series of "24-Conspiracy." Not to mention the Music Video dubbed, "The Longest Day."

Luckily the MLR is in the commentaries, who is the ONLY returning character to have one. The actors who played Dina & Navi have one too, as well as Curtis. Oh don't forget Audrey's Commentary! Other Commentators are basically Directors and Writers, and even Sean Callery, the brilliant Music Man of 24!

No picture of the set yet, but there should be one soon, as its that time of year!