Thursday, October 20, 2005

Posts from Pheon: Days and Inbetweenquels to Date

Since nothing has been posted in a while, I thought that it would be cool to show a list of ALL the Days and Inbetweenquels we know so far. The ones italized are those not released yet:


One Shot (Comic)

Declassified: Operation Hell Gate (Book)

Declassified: Veto Power (Book)

Declassified: Trojan Horse (Book)

Declassified: Cat's Claw (Book)

Declassified: TBA V (Book)

Declassified: TBA VI (Book)

Day I (DVD)

The Special House Commitee's Findings at CTU (Book)

Day II (DVD)

24 - The Game (Video Game - PS2)

Midnight Sun (Comic)

Stories (Comic)


Day IV Prequel (DVD)

Day IV (DVD)

Day V Prequel (DVD)

Day V (DVD)

Day VI (DVD)

What a List! Since I know that Declassified OHG is before Day I, I threw ALL Declassifieds before Day I. But odds are they are a Prequels to the First Season.